Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bridesmaid's dress and the importance of "wedding colors"...

So I've basically decided on my bridesmaid's dresses. All of the girls have seen them and all the them would totally rock them out.

When looking for bridesmaid's dresses I really wanted them to be something the girls would be able to wear again. I know probably every bride says that but how many taffeta filled dressed do we ladies own and never end up wearing? Because of this I decided to find dresses that were made out of organic materials, rather than Franken-fabrics. Through the wonders of I found GaiaConceptions where I fell in love with this:

I believe these will fulfill my desire to give the girls a dress option that they will totally be able to wear again.
These dresses are:
  • Made of Raw Silk (like linen in texture) that was spun in the U.S.A
  • Are only $125
  • Are special enough for a wedding but could work for a night out without being too much.

The only issue is what color to chose. Since they are made from an organic material and hand dyed, they can't come in every color under the sun. I think I'm leaning towards Midnight which the seller describes as "a very very deep dark grey. It is a super dark navy in bright sunlight." So that sounds like it should work with our "wedding colors."

I've tossed around several color combinations to the Mr over the past few weeks and at first I think he was a little baffled over what these colors would be used for. After some explaining and finding a few pictures online we were on the same page. My basic color inspiration came from an article I found on The Knot (aka every bride's Graceland.) I'm a fan of bold colors. No pastels will do for me. So in the end turquoise & chartreuse it was. This picture served as my inspiration:

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Cody said...

I was just looking at that shop on Etsy last night. The dresses look awesome.